Sistema Madertech


  • Make sure you know the quality components of your decking composite.
  • At first sight all WPC decking profiles lock the same, but they are not. WPC is a formulated polymer product. These kind of products differ because of their formulation and the type and quality of each component.
  • The duration of the colour, the molecular integrity of the polymer and the useful life of the product all depend on its formulation.
  • It is important to understand that due to the wood fibre content of the decking, during the first months of exposure to sunlight temporary changes in the shade of colour may occur. This is a natural process involving the wood fibres and depending on the local climate the colour may take from one to three months to stabilise and attain the final shade of the product. This provisional change of color tone is a natural feature of the product and is not regarded as a cause for claiming.
  • Hollow profiles are neither nor worse than solid ones. Everything depends on their formulation and the quality of the ingredients.
  • WPC decking is NOT SUITABLE for structural use.
  • WPC profiles are NOT SUITABLE for installation under water. 


  • Always install it on a level surface and contemplating a slope to facilitate the draining of water. Insufficient water evacuation could leave standing water on the decking and create temporary water stains after drying.
  • Use original MADERTECH components and accessories and follow the instructions in the Installation Manual.
  • Respect the maximum distance between joist of 40cm.
  • Respect the END-to-END gap.
  • Pre-drill before bolting solid sections.
  • Ensure a drainage appropriately dimensioned to prevent both water retention under the decking installation and a total drainage because of  heavy rains.
  • Place the anti-slip surface of sections upward in places where there is a higher possibility of slipping.
  • Use the stainless steels clips to fix the first section of the installation.
  • After decking installation and if the project allows, we recommend to clean the deck with abundant water and with the help of a stiff brush. This simple procedure helps to prevent the formation of hedges when the deck comes in contact with rainwater or pool water for the first times.